The Beginning

This is not the beginning of time or my life or even my Christianity, but rather it is the beginning of a new adventure that emerged in this past year.

It all started with a dream in september of 2011 where I was in charge of a youth meeting and this team of people called the lovers of God showed up and lead the worship, but when they stood in front to lead they had no instruments.

When I shared this dream with one of my mentors Ramses Girgis he then referred me to the leader of  the ministry lovers of God. When I met with this man I discovered that God had been speaking to him about reaching the young generation of those 18 to 35 of which I was part. This lead to a weekly meeting in that very room that my dream occured in which was called SOS and it was focused primarely on the fact that every empire undergoes cycles beginning with pioneering and finishing with decidancy and that the USA was in that final state of decay and Canada was wraped up with it. Out of that the course begain to focus on the need to hear the voice of God and taught some ways how that was done.

During one of these classes a man named claud spoke to me what he beleived the Lord was wanting to tell me. He said that he saw me standing infront of a rocket and the crew where inviting me in, but that i was scared and hesitant to enter in. When he asked me if it meant anything to me I said no, but here I am 6months later and living in that word. I will give more detail to this later.

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