About Me


I was born and raised into a middle class catholic family in 1986 and lived a rather normal life until high school where I began to hang out with the wrong crowd more often and got myself into a great deal of trouble. However, i found life after high school very empty and retained few if any of my high school friends. I found myself in a very low point of my life as I had no Job, no money, and no social or personal commitments. My time was mostly spent playing games and drinking on weekends. After a few months of this lifestyle I grew very bored of it and found it leading nowhere but destruction. I decided to quit the drugs one day and then the very next day I met a few youth hanging out on the street talking and invited me to join them. These youth invited me to their youth group and that following week i found myself knee-deep in arguments that I had initiated with the youth leader. We debated creation and evolution for an hour or two and I walked away very encouraged because of the respect, kind demeanour, and sincerity with which the man defended his faith. Soon after I found myself fall back into drugs worse then ever and in the midst of it while contemplating ending my life I remembered the Jesus that the youth leader held on to and as I did hope came into my heart. I struggled back and forth with this for a while and then finally chose to follow Jesus and to live my life for Him rather then die. I was almost instantly sober and able to sleep. In the following weeks I gave up many of my bad habits and those things which occupied my time and got a job again. Within a few weeks God provided me with a mentor to help me along my way. He later encouraged me to get baptized and so I did and on that day of my baptism I was given a much better job then I could have imagined. After working there for a year the Lord lead me to a 3rd world country to share His goodness and to serve those in the community. This lead to the Lord then sending me to university which was an endeavour I would have never thought possible for someone like me who barely finished high school. I know now that God does not need to call the qualified because He qualifies the called. My life is forever changed thanks to the wonderful work of Christ in me and His great love which brought him to the cross to cover my failings. At that point my old path died. That was the beginning of my new life.

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