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I Dream of Levi

One of the challanges I have had to face in following God was that he made it apparant to me that I ought not have a secular job at this time because it will conflict with the other work he has for me. After leaving my Job I found that it was an idol because I thought of it bothas a provider as well as a sourse of purpose, but now I realize both those titles belong to God Himself.

After leaving my job i was immediately stressed and freaked out becuse these two roles where empty and I felt like i was going to have no provision or purpose, but God come to my rescue. A few days later I had a dream where an old mentor named Levi came to me and my friend and said to me “why arent you building, i gave you a job. Come and help me.” I then helped him in the construction of a building. I Realize that this was a dream from God telling me that my purpose in this time was as a levite. God had planted me living in a church where I was to maintain it and keep it in order as a levite would with the temple. I was overjoyed to have a sense of purpose in what God was having me do for Him and this is the best Job iv ever had.

Soon afterwards I was freeking out that my new Job dident seem to pay anything and i told God that I was about ready to quit, but thankfully before i could send Him my letter of resignation he sent me a letter. I got home to an envelope in my mail box with my name on it, but no address or indication where it came from. It simply contained cash in the ammount I would have earned if I had kept my original Job.

I was extatic! partly because God gave me what I needed, but more because I had the hole in my heart fillled and I knew God as my provider in a new way.



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