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Why does this blog exist?

The first question to answer is ‘why does this blog exist?’

 It exists because I beleive what I am going through is worth being documented and that we all face similar struggles in this life and can be mutually encouraged by openness as to what transpires in the heart as we pass through them. This blog will serve as a record of my attempts to follow after Jesus with all the learning, guidance, encouragment, and trials laid out as bare as I can express them.

I dont claim to be particularly good at writing, but I’m hoping it gets better with time. For now I guess the readers will need to just bear with me.  



The first steps

I have written a few posts, but none of them made it to the publish post button and i figured if I can just put something out it will break the ice and make building the routine of publicating what is going on that much easyer.

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